Eclipses: English version - Introduction

 The first total eclipse of the sun which I observed was that of 26 February 1998 in Venezuela, organized in a short time with a provisional equipment to make a first experience. For the second Eclipse, to observe in Turkey on 11 August of the year after, a new equipment was prepared and used with camera Canon EOS 500N, a Tele by 300 mm and an Extender EF 2X, which together allowed an amplification of 600, a tripod with micrometric head for the manual centering and new solar filters. The photos have been converted in digital form with a scanner. The same equipment was used for the next June 21 2001 eclipse in Zambia. For the last two total eclipse, 29 March 2006, still in Turkey, and on August the first 2008, in Siberia, the new digital camera Canon EOS 300D was used, with excellent results. The transit of the planet Venus on the Sun, which can be considered as a partial eclipse, is a rare occurrence but, on 8 June 2004, was visible in Italy and Rome, from 7:20 to 13:23, and it has been observed, from the terrace of my house in the last phase of the passage up almost at the output from the solar disk. 

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